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Five Different types of Monkeys!



            In this photo gallery, you will learn about 5 types of monkeys.  These primates are seen to the closest animals to humans.  Some monkeys have 96% of their DNA in common with humans.  Monkeys live in many places of the world.  They are mostly found in Africa, Asia, and South America.  Monkeys are social animals living in groups of 100 or more.  However, fighting still occurs.  Below, you can learn more specifically about Baboons, Spider Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Proboscis Monkeys, and Woolly Monkeys.


Type 1

To the left is a picture of a Baboon Monkey.  Baboons are terrestrial monkeys found in dry regions of Africa and Arabia.  Unlike most monkeys, few baboons live in tropical forests; most are found in savanna and semiarid regions, where they rove on the ground. They regularly climb trees where they sleep, keep watch, and sometimes eat. Baboons eat a variety of plants and animals, including grass, fruit, pods, roots, and tubers that they dig out of the ground.  They stay in groups of hundred and in these groups, the male monkeys are more dominant.


Type 2

On the right is a Chimpanzee, an endangered species.  The common chimpanzee is found in dense jungles and more open wooded savanna from Sierra Leone and Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean to the lakes Tanganyika and Victoria in east central Africa.  Chimpanzees have proved to be very intelligent animals.  A number of experiments have shown that chimps can even learn to use sign language or other languages based on pictures or symbols.  The greatest threats to chimpanzees are the continued loss of habitat to logging and agricultural development, and the hunting of chimps for export to zoos, for scientific research, and food.



The proboscis monkey is only found in Borneo (third largest island), where it has a limited distribution.  Populations are only found in coastal swamp forests and in forests located next to rivers. The male is one of the largest monkeys in the world is famous for its huge nose and pot belly.  Proboscis monkeys are proficient tree climbers and leapers, divers and swimmers, with unusual social lives

Type 4

The Spider Monkeys live in Northern South America in tropical and subtropical forests.  They are vulnerable to hunting and loss of habitat due to human activity.  Their tail allows them to find stability when sitting on branches, to reach out for food at the tip of fragile branches, and while suspending themselves.  Their tails are, on average, 70 cm long.  This species plays an important role in seed dispersal in the tropical forests they inhabit.


Type 5

This is a Woolly Monkey.  The woolly monkey is yellowish-gray to a blackish brown and the face is dark brown almost black. The monkey has a large head, a thick body, with short fur. It has an average body length of 18-25 inches or 46-64 cm. It weighs around 26-33 lbs. The woolly monkey eats seeds, grass, leaves, bananas, and other kinds of fruit.  This type of monkey lives in the Western Amazon of South America.  This monkey is an endangered species.

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